Meg Gorosh


Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I have been practicing yoga for well over ten years. I have a deep love for yoga in all of its forms! I am drawn to the evolutionary and compassionate nature of yoga, and the opportunities for deep healing that are ever present.

I first came to yoga, a curious teenager, and dabbled off and on for several years. In my twenties I needed healing, to rediscover my own internal medicine, and to re-connect with myself. I found this in a dedicated yoga practice, and have never looked back.

My practice has been with me through the good times and the not-so-good times, and continues to facilitate my growth and development as a human being. As a student I am humbled by the power of practice and its ability to keep me grounded and present, even when things are tough. As a teacher I sit in the seat of a seeker, a lover of the internal arts, and constantly work to unravel my own hindrances and suffering so that I can better serve others.

I am deeply grateful to those who introduced me to my practice, who have nurtured me along the way, and to all of my teachers, their teachers, and so on down the Golden Chain. Namaste, Friends.