Deanna Deacon


100 Mile House​

There once was a time when I disliked yoga. I found it slow, boring, and unimpactful.

This was a time in my life when everything moved at a very fast pace - something I now know as a pattern to keep me from truly feeling & evolving.

When I lived in New Zealand for a year, living amongst the rolling hills, the simple lifestyle and the incredible skies, something inside of me opened up. I was suddenly able to slow down, to feel, to breathe, to experience life in the present moment, and thus, my love for yoga began.

Many years later I now incorporate the healing power of yoga asana into my intuitive life coaching practice through intimate 1:1 sessions, small group classes and international retreats. The physical difference you can see in a person when they have dropped from their thoughts into their bodies is simply beautiful.

I am grateful for my personal journey that has brought me deeper into my myself, my intuition, my wisdom and my health.