Elizabeth McIntyre


I have been studying Yoga both on and off the mat since 2007. Yoga became particularly significant to me as a University student, and then in my travels abroad, and work as a Kindergarten teacher. Through Yoga I feel closer to my higher self and the natural world.

A new Yoga instructor; I have taught for only the last year but have the great privilege of guiding classes and workshops for a range of different folks, and the unparalleled joy of pioneering the Young Yogis Summer Camp at my home studio, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Nanaimo. I have so much gratitude for this!

What are some examples of taking the practice off the mat?

My Yoga is reflexive and reflective; I am forever a student (Svadhyaya)

My practice is intersectional, inclusive, and body positive; I utilize trauma informed teaching practices and strive to reify a culture of consent (Ahimsa), especially in bringing yoga to kids!

I honour my Teachers’ lineage and cultural history, especially as white and English -speaking person offering a Vedic Indian cultural practice (Satya)

I endeavour to include meaningful land acknowledgment, as a settler scholar practicing on traditional Snuneymuxw territory (Asteya)

I received my practical Yoga training in “Traditional Hatha Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Yogic Philosophy” at Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram (google for swoon- worthy wanderlust ) in Karnataka, India. I also studied Teaching Yoga to Children with Jacqueline Maloney more recently at Semperviva in Vancouver (my home town).

Check out my website for ways we can connect through traditional Hatha Workshops, Family Yoga Pop- Ups, partnering with classroom teachers, one on one or small group practice, and my full time regular teaching schedule.