VICTORIA’S HOME OF HOLISTIC HEALING & SACRED GATHERING: We are a sacred home for all to gather in the healing medicine that is community. Medicine NEST provides a safe place for conscious exploration and transformative healing through hand-crafted workshops, specialized healing services, semi-private yoga sessions and curated sacred events designed with simplicity, nature & connection in mind. Our vision is to create a beautiful and intentional space for our community to come and authentically feel, heal and transform. A place to experience the divine, healing potential within the ancient art form of ceremony and healing. We’re a space built on integrity, spirit + trust, with a ceremonial and holistic understanding of life. We want you to feel at home here. A sanctuary for your healing. A space to simply be held & nurtured when life throws you challenge.

In all of our yoga sessions, you’ll be 1 of 7, max! Meaning you’ll get the semi-private instruction you deserve to cultivate the greatest benefit for your mind, body & soul. For beginner to advanced students, we’re here to help you ease into, cultivate, and excel in yoga, meditation, spirituality, and well-being. Each session is designed to touch on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual Self for a full, embodied experience. Our practitioners and our teachers are living, breathing, walking examples of their services, offering you authentic, real-life, connection and wisdom in all that they do. Each session is a both an offering and a prayer to the cultivation of your own personal sadhana (practice) and soul journey.

Join us at an intimate, conscious, community gathering of movement medicine, plant medicine, energy medicine, & soul medicine.

- Private Holistic Healings
- Semi-private Yoga & Meditation Sessions
- Weekly Sacred Gatherings