Chantelle Shah-Poulin


In love with movement Chantelle has always been attracted to the ebb and flow of what fuels her passion from the inside. She is deeply rooted in her practice and has been teaching many styles of yoga for nearly a decade. Chantelle believes that transformation occurs when we connect to the dance of energy within us and allow it to trickle into all the spaces of our being. She continues to educate herself through Yoga trainings around the world and by branching out to teach other practices including Barre and Pilates. With a profound insight and understanding of body movement and dynamics you will find her classes are a sweet synergy brewed from a fusion of all her learnings. You can expect to laugh, be challenged, gain courage , find empowerment and evolve your practice.

Chantelle is on the teaching faculty for teacher trainings at Moksana Yoga Center in Victoria and an RYT-500 from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica where she continues to take trainings.

Sessions with this presenter:

Yoga Hour

Sweat through a fun, fast-paced sequence of postures designed to be the most difficult AND doable 60-minute practice anywhere. Expertly taught by teachers trained in this style.