Katie Thacker


I am a yoga teacher, plant eater and nature appreciator. Through my yoga teachings I strive to provide a balance of breath, fluid movement and alignment. I teach a strong style of vinyasa filled with creative sequencing, unique transitions and carefully selected playlists. I am also a certified yin teacher. When teaching yin I focus on providing a place for stillness, silence and self love. Teaching acro yoga allows me the opportunity to constantly work to create a more inclusive and accepting community. Acro yoga has helped me to develop my communication skills, my relationships with my partner and my friends, and provides me with a continuous challenge to improve. It is also incredibly fun. When is the last time you played like a child?

As a yoga teacher, I hope that I can guide my students on their own path to a healthy and balanced life. I love to see progress in my students and I share with an open heart, nothing held back. I want to encourage a strong relationship with nature and a strong relationship with all people. We are all on this earth together, and together we can make it blissful and beautiful.

Sessions with this presenter:

Illumination - Conference Opening Night

Join us at the historical Alix Goolden Hall for an evening of inspiration, celebration and entertainment. The themes for the evening are:


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Session Day: Friday Session Time: 7:00 PM Session Room: Alix Goolden Performance Hall

Intro to Acro

The basics of Acro Yoga - No partner needed.

Acro yoga is playful practice that combines yoga and partner acrobatics. It is a practice that helps to build, not only, physical strength, but also trust, communication, and community. Please join Katie Thacker and Brandon Sherbrook to learn the basics of acro yoga. Together we will move through the principles…

Session Day: Saturday Session Time: 10:30 AM Session Room: COM: Main Hall

Vitamin Yin

Yin with hands on massage and adjustments

An practice dedicated to a unique combination of healing modalities for body and mind. Katie Thacker will guide you through a heart opening yin sequence ending with yoga nidra (yogic sleep). Her team of assistants will focus fully on healing touch through thai massage / acupressure techniques offering you a…

Session Day: Saturday Session Time: 5:00 PM Session Room: SUB: Michelle Pujot 2

High Flyers - Acro Yoga

Some experience needed. No partner required

Take your acro yoga practice to the next level. In this workshop we will start to link postures, add some fluidity, and take it upside down. We will have plenty of options to make it more challenge for those of you who are experienced acro yogis. No partner required. Prerequisites:…

Session Day: Sunday Session Time: 10:00 AM Session Room: COM: Campus View