Tracey began her journey fuelled by the inspiration of Shiva Rea twelve years ago, and has since studied with many teachers around the world dedicated to the practice and sharing of yoga as a way of life. Tracey’s teachings blend the traditional Eastern philosophy and asana with todays desire for physical practice, while integrating the mind body connection. She teaches public, private and corporate classes in Victoria as well as workshops and teacher trainings on and off the island. Her classes are full of energy, bright light and humour, yet they are focussed, strong and welcoming.


Power Yoga with Tracey Noseworthy - Gratitude

Power Yoga with Tracey Noseworthy: Working with Transition and Change (Advanced Class)

Yoga with Tracey Noseworthy: Power Yoga for Love Love Love

Sessions with this presenter:

The Art of Slowing Down

Discover the space in yourself where desire, joy and playfulness are explored. Through meditation, breath work and asana we will address today’s monkey mind, and re-connect with an intuitive source energy.

Think of your mat as your lily pad of life, while exploring longer holds, and sweet flowing…

Session Day: Saturday Session Time: 8:30 AM Session Room: SUB: Michelle Pujot 1

Mighty Mandala

What is a Mandala - Sanskirt Meaning Circle

A playful practice that will have you exploring all four corners of your mat, shifting your perspective inside and out. Allow the creativity of the circle to unwind the busy mind and flow the intelligence of pure inspiration through you.

Expect some juicy hip openers, and remember your smile as…

Session Day: Sunday Session Time: 12:30 PM Session Room: COM: Campus View