Anatomy for the Yoga Teacher

Anatomy for the Yoga Teacher

When: Saturday, 1:00 PM (1.5 hrs)
  Room: COM: Campus View


This in-depth session will go through anatomical discussion of the joints, ligaments, organs and muscles affected by yoga practice. There will be a focus on interaction, allowing teachers to work together to creatively learn fun ways to integrate proper anatomical terms and joint motions in to their teaching. Participants will be tutored on surface anatomy while given the opportunity to draw the major muscle groups on one another.

All levels of anatomy knowledge are welcome and will gain insight.

This session is for teachers only.

Participants Need

A note book and pencil/pen (perhaps a couple of colours)

Presented by:

Kristine Salmon-VYC Presenter


Kristine Salmon

Kristine is a long time anatomy teacher and enthusiastic presenter. Her teaching method attempts to cater to all learning styles, including lecture, visual displays, interactive anatomy and movements as well as team based learning. She has practiced and taught in Victoria and Toronto for the past 8 years in anatomy, is the strength coach for the Women's Basketball Program at UVic, and volunteer coaches Basketball in the community. She started her yoga practice upon moving to the island in 2010 and has become keenly interested in the scientific value of yoga on our bodies.