Bringing yoga to All Bodies

Every Body is a Yoga Body - A Teacher’s Workshop

Every Body is a Yoga Body - A Teacher’s Workshop

Bringing yoga to All Bodies

When: Sunday, 2:30 PM (1.5 hrs)
  Room: COM: Henderson


This workshop will bring insights into practicing yoga with a Bountiful Body.

How we can provide a safe, respectful, non-judgemental space that any larger-bodied student would feel welcome in.
Using props, languaging and interactive learning (some fun and interesting stuff) along with the acknowledgment that no two bodies look the same in any pose, helps us create classes that allow the BODY to fit the pose, not making the pose fit the body, in the way we normally think it should.
Perhaps a few ‘a-ha’ moments to help each of us provide classes that will empower EVERY Body to truly feel accepted and make yoga truly accessible with more diverse bodies and ages.

Participants Need

Painters/masking tape and a large pillow or pillow case with 2 blankets, blocks (2/person)

Presented by:

Tatjana Kozak-VYC Presenter


Tatjana Kozak

Tatjana Kozak is a large-bodied Goddess who is proud to be certified as a Curvy Yoga instructor with Anna Guest-Jelley and Yoga for Round Bodies instructor with Tiina Veer.
Being a Woman in a larger body, one that has been many different sizes in this lifetime, I found that there was something missing in the yoga classes I went to...for myself and for many other people. A class where all sizes could feel comfortable and welcome, but also, anyone needing them, had access to variations and modifications of poses. I'm honoured to be able to offer SoulFull Yoga to all abundant Bodies.