Mantra + Malas

Mantra + Malas

When: Sunday, 2:30 PM (1.5 hrs)
  Room: COM: McKenzie


The Mala Necklace is quickly becoming a noted personal accessory. It’s a popular addition to many outfits, seen in yoga classes or on a special altar at home. However, do you know its roots? We will break down the mala necklace and with our new knowledge, participate in a uniquely designed Japa meditation. In Japa meditation, your hands stay busy while you use your mala to count to 108. Simultaneously, you use your voice to chant a soothing mantra, prayer or soulful tune.

Participants Need

**Malas will not be provided. Bring a new or old mala to this workshop. Don’t have one? Come find the Shanti Collective at the Wellness Market this weekend before the workshop - if you are signed up for this class, you will receive 20% off your mala necklace!

Presented by:

Rachel Hurst-VYC Presenter


Rachel Hurst

The Shanti Collective is a local, Vancouver Island based Mala company. Creator and founder, Rachel Hurst, has been immersed in the world of yoga for many years. Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace, and it was this inner peacefulness that first drew Rachel to meditation and yoga. The Shanti Collective is a manifestation of Rachel’s love for movement, art, music, and the creative spirit. Yoga and mindfulness have acted as inspirational catalysts, propelling her forward in life and into new opportunities. Her growing company stands as a space for equanimity, serenity, beauty and joy.