Mythic Mantra for Teachers

Mythic Mantra for Teachers

When: Saturday, 8:30 AM (1.5 hrs)
  Room: COM: Haro


This workshop was designed for the teacher who wants to bring the story of the Mythology of yoga with the songs of old to their practice and classes, to build confidence in their voice and share with others the traditions beyond the physical.

Part of being a teacher is to uphold the traditions of knowledge that has been passed down to us. The question is, what lights you up?

This is where we put our focus on, study it, practice it and then teach it. If your passion is the Mythology, Mantra and old texts of yoga, this workshop will be a perfect fit for you.

You will leave with knowing three main Mantra’s, their stories behind it, how to weave it into your classes.

Presented by:

Crystal Rainbow Borrelli-VYC Presenter


Crystal Rainbow Borrelli

"Raised by Yogis & trained in India. She is dedicated to her roots to teach the old traditions & practices of yoga.

Offering a powerful class in Asana with depth into Pranayama, Mantra & Mythology. Her bubbly personality and infectious laugh will have you stepping out of your comfort zone in a playful way to discover yourself on your mat.

Her classes will have you sweating, laughing and feeling energized!"