Where rhythmic , rich flows meet poise, purpose and potential.

ShapeShift: Intermediate/Advanced Asana Practice

ShapeShift: Intermediate/Advanced Asana Practice

Where rhythmic , rich flows meet poise, purpose and potential.

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For the dedicated student and/or teacher, this is a workshop/practice to engage with our embodiment through the “shape-shifting” of yoga asana. It will be a combination of strong, flowing work and targeted preparation towards some of the more complex, challenging, and lesser practiced poses and shapes. Expect a balanced and full spectrum experience of intermediate standing poses, handbalancings, inversions, backbends and seated work. With time to invest in our unfolding, the physical work will be supported by the added elements of mantra, pranayama and partner work. This is also an excellent opportunity for teachers to experience sequencing toward (and from ) more advanced shapes, to further support their keen students and communities.


Participants should have no major injuries.

Participants are able to kick up to handstand unassisted at the wall.

Participants have straight arms in upward facing bow (Urdhva Dhanurasana), also known as full wheel pose.

Participants are open to skillfully directed partner work.

Or by permission of the teacher : cpriceclark@yahoo.com

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