The Yoga of Conflict and Communication

The Yoga of Conflict and Communication

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What do the yoga sutras, non-violent communication and conflict resolution have in common? This Intensive explores conflict and communication- our relationship with conflict, skills to navigate conflict, how to communicate in situations of conflict and transforming conflict into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

Presented by:

Farah Nazarali-VYC Presenter


Farah Nazarali

Farah Nazarali is a yoga teacher and Trainer, podcast producer and advocate of yogic practices that support healing. She is the founder of Drishti Point Yoga Podcasts and has spent hundreds of hours interviewing and studying with Master Teachers. She currently teaches workshops, Retreats, and Trainings and is host of In Conversation: the Podcast of Banyen Books and Sound. In her spare time, she can be found ocean bathing or forest-gazing in her home in Nanaimo BC.