Yoga and Tarot

Yoga and Tarot

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The practices of Yoga and Tarot are concerned with what lies hidden behind and beyond the mundane appearance of reality

The practice of yoga, uses the body (form) to connect with the formless (essence, spirit).

The Tarot cards are a doorway into what lies beneath our conscious awareness. It points to things we can not see, aren’t able to see or don’t want to see.

Experience the integration of Yoga and Tarot to access a deeper truth.

The workshop will be both a individual and collective journey—The Hero’s/Heroine/s journey. Each participant will pull an individual card before we start the collective journey of yoga.

We will practice asana from an energetic perspective, that is once the form of the posture has been established, you will be invited to drop in and connect to the energy of the pose. Once connected to the pose, Sukumar will pull a Tarot card. At the end of the yoga practice. Sukumar will read the cards and share a narrative of the cards and our collective energy. Participants will pull another card to end their journey. There will be time for journalling, and discussion.

Please join us for an ‘extra-ordinary’ event. Class size is limited.

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