Renee Turner


Renee is the Research Manager for the Reaching Out with Yoga project (ROWY). Renee is passionate about creating positive social change through community-based research. Her background is in public health and she has worked on a number of projects in the areas of Prison Health and Rural Maternal Health, and now in the anti-violence sector. As a yoga teacher and researcher, Renee loves working on the ROWY project, as it merges two of her passions: yoga and research. She has loved learning ways to make her yoga teaching and her research more trauma-informed through working on the ROWY project.

Sessions with this presenter:

Yoga for All? Opportunities and Obstacles

a conversation about what yoga can offer as well as what the barriers might be for those who have experienced trauma

NOTE: This workshop will now take place in Cap’s Bistro. All registered attendees are being notified via email 02.15.2020 - 4:50 pm

The workshop will be a space for an engaging conversation, small group discussions, as well as…