Ambition Meets Inner Peace

The Desire Map Masterclass: A heart-centered approach to manifesting a handcrafted life you love

Ambition Meets Inner Peace

The Desire Map Masterclass: A heart-centered approach to manifesting a handcrafted life you love

When: Sunday, 8:00 AM (3 hrs (180 min))
  Room: COM: Village Green


The Desire Map, written by best-selling author, Danielle LaPorte, is a heart-centered approach to manifesting and designing a handcrafted life you love.

How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning?

When you get in the car?

When you open the door at work?

When you drop your kids off at school or take your dog for a walk?

How do you want to feel when you walk into a room?

Meet someone new?

Have a creative breakthrough?


At the heart of Desire Mapping we turn traditional goal setting inside out. Instead of seeking external goals, we shift the focus to the internal and connect to how we want to feel in the various parts of your life.

Because everything we seek is attached to a feeling.

This Masterclass will introduce you to The Desire Map process and guide you to understand how going within is key to manifesting your outer world.

Because when you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit of goals itself will become more satisfying.

This soul limbering process will guide you to tap into your feelings and get a sense if you want to go further and deeper in the process. We will discuss emotional intentionality, the five life areas, and how to discover your core desired feelings. When complete, you will have one core desired feeling to begin manifesting with by implementing the Desire Map theory, and a stronger understanding of how to live more holistically and intentionally.

Participants Need

Journal + Pen.

Single Session Fee $60.00

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Presented by:

AnnMarie McKenzie-VYC Presenter


AnnMarie McKenzie

Ann Marie McKenzie understands that life has texture and that people crave, real authentic support during those pivotal moments we all confront. She counsels deeply with emotional literacy, guiding you to create a handcrafted life and that intentionally feels good.

She works with people who are ready to get open about living soulfully and is the go-to experiential Master Desire Map Facilitator, your transformational guide to living and doing business in ways that promote holistic well-being. She believes authentic leadership for one's self is the key to leading people towards a common goal.

Ann Marie offers curated intimate programs for women, men, entrepreneurs, teams, businesses, community, and youth while providing feelings-based experiences that encourage people to get real, get creative, get messy - and get clear.

She has been an essential oil user since 2000 and began integrating doTERRA essential oils into her life and workshops in 2016. Ann Marie believes in the power of using EO's to support our emotional energy bodies creating a positive ripple effect for our physical and mental needs.

Ann Marie will be launching her premium coaching program in 2020 to empower heart-centered entrepreneurs discover their core desired feelings and build a handcrafted business they love without the stress, overwhelm and burn out, even if they don't want to talk about their feelings! The Desire Map for Business - where heart meets hustle.