Soul in a Bowl

a community meal

Soul in a Bowl

a community meal

When: Friday, 6:00 PM (1 hrs (60 min))
  Room: SUB: Upper Lounge


Following the opening class please join the teachers, partners and team of the Victoria Yoga Conference for a bowl of delicious and soul-nourishing soup before heading to either the Friday Night Kirtan, Prana Yumm or How to Live Your Yoga.

Presented by:

Carolyne Taylor-VYC Presenter


Carolyne Taylor

Meet Carolyne Taylor: connector and communitarian.

Known for creating experiences where people can make a new friend, connect or learn something new, she believes in a world where each person is shining their own special light, and helping others to do the same.

When she’s not building community, she can be found playing on the swings with her grandchildren, serving up a bowl of soup, or coming up with new ideas about making this a better world!