Yoga While the Oatmeal Cooks

Studio Partner Sampler Class

Yoga While the Oatmeal Cooks

Studio Partner Sampler Class

When: Saturday, 10:00 AM (1.5 hrs (90 min))
  Room: COM: Queenswood Arbutus



Choose this class as a single registration, add on Sunday’s class too if you like. When you check out use the promotional code moonbeam and your registration for this class will be reduced to $0.00. When you check in please make a donation ($10 to $20 is suggested). All proceeds go to support the Moonbeam Scholarship, in memory of Sam LeBlanc.


One thing we frequently hear people say is “I just don’t have time to do yoga”. Our Sampler Classes will be short practices, led by teachers from our Studio Partner Program that can be completed “while the oatmeal cooks”.

Get to know a few different teachers from the Victoria area while they guide you through a 15 minute yoga class - a few times over in the 90 minute class!

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Presented by:

Kimber Allan-VYC Presenter


Kimber Allan

Kimber first found yoga through injury. After she completed 6 months of hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2007, she was pleasantly surprised that she could not only heal her body through the practice, but that she could also find the same peace she could find while hiking mountains through asana.

Kimber did her teacher training in 2011 in Thailand studying Ashtanga Vinyasa with Larry Schultz.

Kimber has spent many years traveling between the US and Canada studying many styles of Vinyasa and teaching both in the US and Canada. Some of her favourite Vinyasa teachers include MC Yogi and David Robson.

It wasn’t until Kimber moved to Ashtanga Yoga Victoria that she really started feeling passionate about staying true to the Ashtanga lineage and the tradition of the practice. She loves the Mysore method and couldn’t imagine life without it. She is fully committed to being a student first.

Kimber is grateful to be a part of the teaching team at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria as well as community building and administrator.

Outside of the shala Kimber enjoys anything in the great wide open. On the weekends you can find her snowboarding, surfing, hiking and camping in the BC Mountains. Her teachings are deeply rooted in the earth and riding your ocean like wave of breath.

Tracy Boyd-VYC Presenter


Tracy Boyd

Tracy's mission is to provide a respectful, safe, and welcoming environment where students can practice the classical teachings of Yoga in the lineage of Baba Hari Dass, and explore their personal journey of self-discovery. She works to create peace in our world and community, by first creating peace within herself. Creating a sense of calm and peace, and developing an open and compassionate heart and mind, can lead to a strong feeling of acceptance for oneself and community. As a skilled Yoga Therapist, Tracy brings her own style and passion for teaching, allowing for a unique experience in every class.

Nicole Lee Ann McLellan-VYC Presenter


Nicole Lee Ann McLellan

Nicole radiates positivity, ambition, and generosity. Being a true connector and creator at heart, she makes sense of her world by pulling details apart, seeking a better composition and then recreates that life.
Nicole is a certified yoga instructor, she has her 200hr training in traditional Hatha instruction, as well as Yin Yoga. Nicole is a full time high school teacher, she brings yoga to the classroom, both on and off the mat. Nicole is the founder of the non profit organization The Om Work Project, which is a scholarship program for young womxn to travel and study 200hr of yoga teacher training. Nicole has written a book on the benefits of yoga and youth, and is driven daily to share the power of yoga and mindfulness with all of those around her.

Siri Amir Kaur (Alanda Carver)-VYC Presenter


Siri Amir Kaur (Alanda Carver)

Siri Amir Kaur, Alanda Carver, is a yogi, meditator, and homeopathic healthcare provider. She is dedicated to her passion of teaching kundalini yoga and meditation, while practicing yoga in all aspects of life. She believes meditation is a key principle of self-empowerment and she is currently working on a 1000 consecutive day meditation practice. Whether guiding new-comers or seasoned practitioners, self-empowerment is the goal of all of her work.

Siri Amir’s classes and workshops are dynamic, fun, and inspirational. She is a charismatic and gentle spirited teacher. With her upbeat personality and sense of humor, she is able to impart the technical aspects of the practice necessary to have both longstanding and far-reaching results for her students. Siri Amir encourages her students to apply the notion of challenging themselves with compassion to achieve their best on the mat in class  so they can use the wisdom gained to  be their best in their every day lives. She looks forward to being with you in class and sharing the powerful benefits of kundalini yoga with you.

Nikki Lock-VYC Presenter


Nikki Lock

Nikki Lock is the owner and creator of Wild Roots Dance & Yoga based out of Victoria, BC. She found her passion for dance, movement and performance over 25 years ago. She has studied various disciplines of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Strength and Conditioning, Burlesque and Belly Dance. Training at many facilities throughout the world including The Canadian College of Performing Arts, The Royal Winnipeg School of Ballet and Casa Sangam in Italy, she has developed a extensive repertoire of techniques and styles. Nikki graduated from the Vancouver Island University with a Technical Theatre Diploma, the Canadian College of Performing Arts with a Performance Certificate and Camosun College with an Exercise & Wellness Diploma. Nikki found her passion for teaching at an early age and has been sharing her joy of movement in any form with students for the past eighteen years years. Nikki has studied with RAD(Royal Academy of Dance) and CDTA(Canadian Dance Teachers Association). She is a member of the Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association in Ballet and Jazz and an associate member in Modern. She is also a certified Bellyfit® Instructor, Facilitator of THEGROOVE™ and THEGROOVE™ for Kids.

Nikki is thrilled to be the Victoria ambassador for Rainbow Yoga. She has completed the Rainbow Yoga-Kids and Families Instructor Training course and the 360 hour Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training in Italy. There she studied with Birthlight, certifying in Fertility Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga and Wise Women Yoga. She also completed training in Yoga in the classroom, Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, Teen Yoga, Partner Yoga, Tantra, Senior Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

She has a passionate and contagious love for movement and loves sharing it with others through her performances and classes! When Nikki is not in the studio, she loves to sail around the beautiful islands surrounding Vancouver Island, climb cliffs, host gatherings in her home, explore the world, camp in her delica and dance barefoot any chance she gets...............