Farah Nazarali


Farah Nazarali is a yoga teacher and Trainer, podcast producer and Retreat Leader. She is the founder of Drishti Point Yoga Podcasts and has spent hundreds of hours interviewing and studying with Master Teachers. In 2017, she co-created Wakeful Heart Yoga Teacher Training and currently is on the Faculty of several Teacher Trainings including: Wakeful Heart, Yoga Outreach, and Langara.

Farah specializes in teaching Retreats; locally and internationally. She is a presenter at Hollyhock and partners with True Nature Travels to offer Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica. She teaches yoga Retreats as well as Retreats that integrate yogic wisdom and practices with conflict resolution and Non-violent communication.

When she's not teaching, Farah is the host of In Conversation: the Podcast of Banyen Books and Sound. In her spare time, she can be found ocean bathing or forest-gazing in her home in Nanaimo BC. www.drishtipoint.ca


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Sessions with this presenter:

Devotion, Ritual, and Reverance

Dive deep into the Bhakti Sutras

Weave ritual, reverence, and devotion into your practice.

The Bhakti Sutras is the hidden gem; revealing the essence of yogic practice- devotional love. This workshop includes study of select sanskrit verses , 108 prostrations set to the devotional music and…

The Heart in Conflict

Yogic Practices to Shift from Mind to Heart

What happens to the heart in conflict? Learn yogic practices to expand the heart, shift consciousness, and move your prana from the mind to the heart. This workshop integrates yogic practices with heart-centered conflict resolution.

This workshop integrates yogic practices…

The Sutras: Meditations on Love

Weaving the Thread of Love into Yoga Practice

The Brahma Viharis are the Yoga Sutras answer to Tina Turner’s epic question- what’s love got to do with it? Dive into one of yoga’s most inspiring and sacred texts and explore the yogic realm of absolute love. Expand your…