Fiji McAlpine


Fiji McAlpine is one of the founding yoga teachers featured on the website, an internationally-renown site offering quality yoga instruction, for free, to users around the world. Her online popularity has grown significantly over the years, giving her global reach in the online platform, and has allowed her to offer frequent guidance to thousands of students each week.
In addition to the online offerings, Fiji is a co-founder and lead trainer for the Mind into Matter Yoga School. Fiji teaches alongside Mary Prefontaine, a pillar in the world of leadership, coaching, and emotional intelligence. The two women have crafted a unique 200hr program certified by Yoga Alliance, from which graduates emerge grounded in their purpose and confident in their ability to lead on and off the mat.

Sessions with this presenter:

Intentional Evolution

Leading a Practice with Purpose, Poise + Precision

The Intentional Evolution - Are You Ready?

Have you completed your teacher training? Or thinking about taking the dive to become a teacher?

Sometimes as new teachers we need a tune up, a wee nudge, and a whole bucket of…