When it comes to movement, I practice nourishing principles, which integrate the entire body, including the nervous system. The best exercise is both a relief from - as well as resilience training for - the pressures of daily life. I believe self-efficacy and skill development are the most important factors for successful, sustainable physical activity and recovery. I show clients how improved biomechanics enhance healing and performance. Move more by moving better.

Gabriel is a practicing member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) and a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CSEP) with over ten years of experience in health and wellness. He pulls from a diverse background of modalities including: functional training, martial arts, dance, running, myofascial release, yoga therapy, qigong and meditation. Gabriel currently sees rehab and coaching clients at Innovative Fitness and teaches group Tai Chi classes at FierceHeart Yoga Therapeutics. In his sessions you can expect: integrative exercises, joint durability/prehab, breath work, movement education and an evidence-based approach.

Gabriel’s mission is to bring people together on the path towards self-cultivation through fulfilling disciplines and healthful practices.


Yang Family Tai Chi 24 Form - Victoria, BC

Relaxing & Releasing Exercises (Tai Chi Feng Song Gong)

Sessions with this presenter:

Chinese Medical Qigong

Breathwork from Traditional Practices and Acupuncture Theory

Enjoy a breathwork sampler, pairing mental imagery with playful movements. Learn mindfulness and centering strategies that can be implemented into other disciplines, such as yoga or daily living. Qigong is a 5,000+ year-old secular spiritual tradition that forms one of…

Tai Chi (Taijiquan)

Harmonizing Yin & Yang

Change is the only true constant. Experience the embodiment of change with relaxing movements to reduce mental stress and physical tension. Learn dynamic training for resilient joints and elastic connective tissues. As a low-impact exercise, Tai Chi (Taijiquan) uses fluid…