Susan Kleinschmidt


Susan Kleinschmidt is the CEO of Good Insights Strategy. She helps people get clear about their direction, create high performing teams, improve engagement and build strong organizations with superior results. Most of her work is in the area of strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, corporate culture, executive coaching and team engagement.

Susan started Good Insights Strategy because she is passionate about organizational dynamics and how to make organizations more effective so that they are profitable, stable and that the people that come to work there are productive and healthy. She believes time is precious and loves finding ways to make things more effective, finding better, clearer and simpler ways to get things done.

Susan's why behind what she does...

To radiate and inspire brilliance from a place of love
…and to make organizations kinder and supportive, so people who come to work can do amazing things together, organizations will be more successful and everyone can go home at the end of the day feeling valued, making their home lives more positive.

Sessions with this presenter:

Frameworks for Change Coaching Session

An interactive session focused on reflecting on challenges and opportunities and pinpointing factors and resources that impact it.

The Frameworks Coaching Process (FCP) provides a quick and simple method for reflecting upon challenging situations and pinpointing factors and resources that impact it. By working with this process, you can gain immediate insight into your situation, become aware of…