Tracy Boyd


Tracy's mission is to provide a respectful, safe, and welcoming environment where students can practice the classical teachings of Yoga in the lineage of Baba Hari Dass, and explore their personal journey of self-discovery. She works to create peace in our world and community, by first creating peace within herself. Creating a sense of calm and peace, and developing an open and compassionate heart and mind, can lead to a strong feeling of acceptance for oneself and community. As a skilled Yoga Therapist, Tracy brings her own style and passion for teaching, allowing for a unique experience in every class.

Sessions with this presenter:

Conference Opening

‚ÄčThis will be the opening class for the 2020 Victoria Yoga Conference. It will be a combination of teachers and practices so come with an open heart to begin learning from our community and settling into your own wisdom.

Yoga While the Oatmeal Cooks

Studio Partner Sampler Class


Choose this class as a single registration, add on Sunday’s class too if you like. When you check out use the promotional code moonbeam and your registration for this class will be reduced to…