Dr. Tanya Gee


Dr.Tanya Gee is a veteran Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with over 24 years of practice. She is dedicated to the principles of Service, Devotion, Compassion and Love. Best described as a storytelling intuitive doctor of TCM who laughs out loud every day and inspires everyone to be the most optimal version of themselves. Dr.Gee is also a worldwide lecturer/educator, philanthropist, Canadian coordinator and active Board Member for Pneuma Institute Foundation: a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of ancient wisdom of the Q'ero Holy people of Peru and the Tibetan Buddhists residing in India. ." ... May all beings be happy, May all beings be joyful, May all beings be peaceful. ~ Buddha ~ "


Dr. Tanya Gee at The Illumination Event

Sessions with this presenter:

Awakening Within the Mystical Heart

A marinade of mindfulness meditation, story telling, movement and my top 3 natural medicines for Spiritual work.

The intention for this class is to inspire to remain open to the beauty that we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience. Each of us is going through our own personal journey with infinite processes. What we share…


Is it FEAR? or is it INTUITION? get to know the difference and trust your HEART!

Wait…what? Your body felt something but you heard something else. The hairs on your arms are standing straight up and you felt that shiver run through you. You felt like you got a little kick in the gut but you’re…

OPTIMIZING IMMUNITY with Traditional Chinese Medicine

It's easier to PREVENT disease than to TREAT disease: STAY HEALTHY and HAPPY!

UPDATE!!! for this early morning class, i will be offering a free lottery for my Immune Medicines!

With the latest CORONA VIRUS scare…it’s brought more attention to the importance of OPTIMAL IMMUNE FUNCTION as your GREATEST WEAPON against disease.

Life is soooo “HEART”!

Dedicated to the caring and nurturing of your SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL HEART.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Weekend, the intention of this class is to get to KNOW YOUR HEART!

Consider this class as an OWNERS MANUAL for your heart where we will discuss how to care and nurture your Spiritual, Emotional…